Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Local Columnist Makes Good
Gene Collier has a regular column in the fluff part of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ("One of America's Great Newspapers") Despite its unusual location, he is often a cogent voice on the left. Something leapt out of his column today that I hadn't seen before (or at least recently):
Tragically, there are 100 times more lethally nuanced implications of this action than they ever envisioned, and as George W. Bush reportedly told Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware when Biden suggested he consider the nuances of this decision: "Joe, I don't do nuance."
Maybe someone who doesn't do nuance shouldn't be elected president. Oh, that's right, he wasn't.
I actually quite like the P-G. In addition to people like Collier, they also run "This Modern World" every Saturday, which I've never seen in a broadsheet before.