Monday, March 17, 2003

That Darn Budget
As I noted earlier, the (Republican) Pennsylvania legislature worked overtime to pass the new (Democratic) governor's budget in less than a week -- a process that normally takes several months. They did this over the objections of the governor, who had a constitutional requirement to submit a budget when he did, but who hadn't had enough time since the inauguration to finish the budget. Now he is faced with either vetoing his own plan, or accepting it and (presumably) having the legislature ignore the second half of his budget.
Whatever happened to the concept of a political honeymoon? Partisanship is all very well, but it seems that even twenty years ago a new chief executive would get a little while to enact his (presumed) mandate before the politics would kick in. Now at many levels -- local, state, and national -- it seems that the partisan knives are out and in use before the election dust has even settled. I know who I blame -- the VRWC -- but I am curious as to whether anyone can make a case that this effort springs from the center or the left?