Thursday, March 06, 2003

That Darn Liberal Media
I don't know who James Carney and John F. Dickerson are, but they had a fascinating column in Time this week about the Bush domestic agenda. The choicest part came near the beginning
...Bush's speechwriters were having trouble understanding what he wanted. He sent back draft after draft. The morning of the speech he was still dissatisfied. "Watch and listen closely," he chided aides, "so you'll get this right." In a Kennesaw, Ga., high school gym, he delivered a skillful, largely ad-libbed 40-minute seminar on the virtues of his tax cuts as if he had been teaching the topic for 20 years down the hall. But almost no one heard it besides the rapt audience inside the gym.
Now, pardon my skepticism, but this sounds like typical claims of the paranormal. Bush "delivered a skillful ... seminar" but no one except (presumably) true believers saw it?