Thursday, March 06, 2003

What's in a name?
IAEA or IEAE (I found some spanish-language links). I could understand getting a bunch of vowels in the wrong order, but the President looked so proud when he rattled off the wrong acronym (I watched it twice to make sure I'd heard it correctly) that it was sort of endearing in a pathetic way.
Otherwise, there is no doubt in my mind after that press conference that President Bush doesn't like Saddam Hussein. Not one little bit. I still am not quite sure why there needed to be a press conference to emphasize that point however...
And the snide comment about multi-part questions seemed very in keeping with the Bush character.
And who is that April woman who threw such a puffball -- I paraphrase: Does your faith sustain you?
UPDATE: Uggabugga has an exhaustive (exhausting?) categorization of the President's remarks. (via CalPundit)