Friday, April 11, 2003

A Few Followups

Just a couple of quick followups to some items below.

( 1 ) The latest smoking gun in the search for Iraqi WMD's has again turned out to be illusory. It turns out that the major nuclear facility located by the Marines near Baghdad yesterday, and breathlessly reported in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and on Fox News was already known to the IAEA. In fact, it turns out that the Marines broke IAEA seals on the shipping containers they found in order to locate the low-grade radioactive materials inside. So the world continues to wait for evidence that any of the justifications for the attack were there.

( 2 ) The FIA has overruled the race stewards in Brazil after examining the timing and scoring data. They determined that Fisichella had started lap 56 prior to the red flag coming out, so the correct finishing order should have been the order at the end of lap 54 instead of lap 53. That puts Fisi in front and Raikonnen second. It also moves Mark Webber (who had the initial accident that started everything) back to ninth and out of the points.