Wednesday, April 09, 2003

The Fog of War
So Baghdad has fallen. This isn't surprising, although the rate of collapse certainly seemed to increase rapidly during the last few days. Still, I haven't yet figured out whether or not any WMD's have been found. I have heard perhaps 5 or 6 reports, ranging from warehouses of chemical suits, to 55 gallon drums of nerve gas, to twenty chemical tipped intermediate range rockets. I don't think any of these reports have survived 24 hours, let alone the 48 that I would need to see before I really trust them. Additionally, I have heard no reports of biological or nuclear agents.
Now it's all very well to go out and beat up a lesser force. But without the WMD's (of which we were reputed to have strong, but secret, evidence) any justification that Iraq posed a threat to the US seems to go out the window. In fact the speed of collapse of the Iraqi army suggests that they probably weren't a threat beyond their borders, or even to the Kurdish regions within their borders.
I recall a Doonesbury from the 80's describing the need to give president's a little war that they can win just to get it out of their system. On the other hand, I don't know if the economy can survive two years of Bush not ignoring it in favor of foreign adventurism.