Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Insulted at the Polls

It's primary election day here in Pennsylvania, or at least in Allegheny county. So I braved the weather and hied myself off to the polls. After a couple of false starts I found my way to the correct elementary school and dashed through the rain to get inside. As soon as I was inside a grandmotherly woman looked at me, held out a piece of paper, and said "You should take one of these, you look like you're a Republican."

Now I'll grant you that I got a hair cut last week, I live in a very Republican part of the county, and the weather is foul, which normally favors GOP turnout but really.... It was the middle of the day on Tuesday and I was wearing a beer t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. I haven't shaved since Friday morning. I'm looking as close to hippy-esque as I can, and still I get "You look like a Republican" Hmmph. (But I do like the telecommuting life!)

On the plus side, now that I am a known voter in a minor primary, I should get lots of interesting political mail to read -- just registering as a Democrat did that for me, and now I should get more.