Tuesday, July 29, 2003

As the Worm Turns

It seems like only a couple of years ago that Arianna Huffington was the trophy wife and mouthpiece of a far-right California congressman. Now they are divorced, he's out of the closet, and she is thinking about running against Gray Davis as a populist candidate, but not a spoiler [emphasis mine]. Acccording to Salon:

Salon.com News | Brentwood bombshell: "With her high media profile and access to money, Huffington's backers say she's the only progressive candidate who could mount a challenge to big-spending Republicans. If Arnold Schwarzenegger decides to take a starring role in the race -- and on Monday he denied reports that he was out, although his camp apparently told one national newspaper he was 'leaning against' running -- he would likely crush any lightweight rivals in his path."
While I don't normally blog national politics items (I think that many others -- see my blogroll -- do a better job than I ever could) I included this for two reasons. First, the whole California recall is going to be fascinating. While it isn't quite a step to instant-runoff balloting, the combination of the primary and the general election will be one of the more interesting political developments in quite a long time. Second, I just installed the BlogThis! extension in FireBird, and I wanted to see how the new toy works.