Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Blinks eyes, looks around...

Wow, you leave a place for a month and when you come back, it seems completely different. New face, new look, why it's like a whole new blogger! But I still don't seem to have any archives. Plus ca change, I guess.

I vanished for a while to contemplate what I am doing with a blog. I'm not sure I've figured that out yet, but I suspect that the answer doesn't lie in silence -- or if it does then I should just delete this space and be done with it. Instead it seems to me that I had three sort of intentions in blogging, to discuss politics, hobbies (particularly racing), and a broad sort of miscellaneous mishmash, into which category this post falls.

Looking at things, most of what I would rant at about politically (at least on a national level) is going to come down to "What He/She Said!" for various values of the pronoun (look at my blogroll to see those values). There are, however, a lot of blogs out there that do that already, with or without additional commentary, so I'm not sure that doing that is really worth the bandwidth. On a local and state level I probably would have more to say, if I could figure out my local and state politics. After about 9 months living in Pittsburgh, I still haven't managed to do so (What is a prothonotary, anyway, and why did I vote for one in the latest primary?) Still, as I learn more about what's making this state tick, I think I'll post more on that. It just won't ever be as much fun as Texas!

More on hobbies soon. I am (I think) going to restart zymurgy soon -- I need to get out of the house more, and there seems to be an active Brewers' club in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately they only seem to post their meeting dates and places after the fact, so I guess I need to use a telephone and call them some time.

And the other stuff. I do belong to a general discussion mailing list which normally gets the brunt of that sort of thing. I think that I am going to start re-evaluating what I put there, and start moving some of it here, and duplicating some of it here. I have the space, and I'm taking the time, so I might as well disseminate it where I want. I'd say more widely, but I suspect that the mailing list has far more subscribers than I have readers!

Well, enough of that. I'm back and I'm blogging.