Tuesday, July 22, 2003


Well, little changes anyway. For years I have been using Netscape as my main browser (up to versoin 7.02 most recently). However the news that AOL has signed a deal with MicroSoft and largely abandoned any new developments on Netscape, combined with the continuing unwillingness of Netscape to work and play well with certain websites convinced me to go looking for a new window to the world.

I have been favorably impressed with Safari on the big mac downstairs, but my main machine these days is a Win2K laptop and Safari isn't an option there. I used Opera years ago, and still have a bad taste in my mouth about it, so I decided to try Mozilla -- in fact Firebird, which is sort of Mozilla distilled. It seems to have the small footprint and fast rendering speed of Safari, and the the few frills (like tabbed browsing) that I actually use.

It also works with Blogger, which Netscape did so poorly that I kept a handy link to Internet Explorer around just for blogging and looking stuff up on the Microsoft website.

So far I've only seen two annoyances -- I installed Flash and the initialization times have become awful, and the contextual menu for links has open in new tab below open in new window, which break my muscle memory for what I want to do. Overall I give it a reaonably enthusiastic thumbs up.