Thursday, July 31, 2003


Blogging about blogging, so to speak. Following a link from Oblomovka I found this interesting post on how many weblogs (or at least blog-like objects) are abandoned, or updated infrequently at best. This graph Activity Graph is a little hard to read, but it seems to indicate that of the several hundred thousand blogs they have identified, only about half get updated at least every fortnight.

It gives me some cause for celebration since I mostly seem to be updating with a flurry of posts about twice a week, and that would seem to put me in the top 50th percentile (or even 20th percentile -- that's where the data is rather indistinct.) I had assumed based on the contents of my blogroll that 90% of everyone updated multiple times a day, and I was just being a total slacker. I guess it stands to reason that one tends to only bother to blogroll sites that are likely to have new stuff on them when you visit.