Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The Weather

This is my first summer in the North in a long time. I guess that the last full summer I spent in a northern city was 1994 in Chicago, then I moved to Florida and Texas until last Fall. Consequently I am finding myself amazed by a few things that I had forgotten.

  • Up here poeple don't care about hurricanes. Much. Along the Gulf Coast, I found it hard not to be aware of every tropical low pressure. Here, a storm pretty much has to make landfall before the newspaper mentions it. Recently with Claudette I found out more from Texas Bloggers (e.g. here) than from the local news media. And I haven't heard anything about storms A or B.
  • It's a lot cooler here. Our house has central A/C, but even in mid-July I don't use it more than a few hours a week -- and I work from home so I am in the house more than 20 hours a day. I have really only needed the A/C in the face of high humidity caused by impending thunderstorms -- the temperature is still only a balmy 78 F right now.
  • It rains a lot here. Although this year is apparently wetter than usual. The city has been doing a lot of storm drain work, and after they finish ripping up people's yards, they plant new turf from seed. And it grows in only a few weeks. That never happened in Austin. On the other hand, my herb garden is staggering due to the lack of sunlight.
A very snowy winter, a cool wet summer, and no violent storms to speak of. I could get used to this!