Friday, August 08, 2003

Silly Season Supreme

Just to keep F1 Journalists busy in August -- a month without testing -- all sorts of odd stories and rumors start popping up. Last night the news broke that the Canadian GP in Montreal has been dropped from the 2004 calendar, in response to the Canadian Government's tobacco advertising ban. The race director, Normand Legault, announced that he had received a letter from Bernie Ecclestone informing him of the decision.

This morning Ecclestone is denying the cancellation. Given that the Canadian GP is one of the more popular stops on the circute -- always selling out, and also apparently garnering a huge TV audience in Europe, this seems like an odd decision on the face of it, espcially after seeing the empty stands at the Hockenheim race last weekend (Germany's second Grand Prix).

The Canadian GP is the only one that I have ever attended in person. In addition to being fairly close to here, the weak Canadian dollar makes it a good vacation trip, and we have relatives who can babysit for us in Montreal. While we can certainly drive to the USGP in Indianapolis, it is unlikely to be the same atmosphere -- Montreal really does know how to throw a party. Ah well, for the moment CART also has a Montreal GP, so perhaps we can try that instead.