Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Vacation's Over

Some time yesterday my accrued vacation ran out. I am now officially unemployed (although still waiting for my final accounting from my former employer). In the last week my resume has doubled in size and my cover letter has become a lot more polished, now I just need someone to read them!

I also applied for unemployment benefits so that I could help boost Bush's numbers, but got denied for reasons that I can't figure out. Actually I got denied twice for different reasons -- first when Pennsylvania didn't notice that I worked in Texas, the second time because I lacked sufficient weeks of eligibility. I'm damned if I can figure out what they mean by that, however. After nearly 7 years at the same job, I would expect to have sufficient weeks. The whole issue is probably tied up in my relocation a year ago -- although I seem to be not being credited with any work in PA in the first quarter of this year. I'm not sure I want to think about the implications of that yet, but they aren't good.

In the mean time I am busy finding ways to stay busy, and am trying to apply for one job a day. I just can't get into the "resume blaster" mode of spamming every employer in Pittsburgh with a large Word document. I know that when I was on the receiving end of those things, they got deleted immediately if we didn't have a job listing. I am a little dismayed, however, at the lack of response from companies that are listing jobs, but don't even respond to submitted resumes. While I realize that they are probably getting a lot of response to listings, particularly ones that are put on job boards, at a minimum they should use an automatic response to acknowledge receipt.