Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Time on my Hands

I don't suppose that I need to dwell on the Plame affair much. I imagine that there are few who read this who aren't also following the issues carefully on other fora.

However, I haven't seen any mention yet of the odd behavior of Robert Novak recently. Since I am now often home and idle during the afternoon, I have been watching Crossfire a bit more regularly than in the past. On Monday Novak defended his actions and the Bush Administration during the political roundup, an understandable thing for him to do.

But yesterday the main topic was this issue, and the guests were a Republican operative and an advisor for the Clark campaign. In the middle of the discussion, Novak suddenly veered off topic (Plame) and started questioning the advisor about Clark's previously stated support for the current administration. Then Carville brought the show back on topic and Novak veered away again.

What is Novak hiding (beyond the obvious)? And why is he trying to quell discussion of the whole issue, not just his role in it?