Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Civic Pride

James Capozzola over at The Rittenhouse Review is not impressed with Philadelphia's new slogan:

In case you didn’t notice, and for that you cannot be blamed, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce last month adopted a new slogan, catch phrase, or tag line, what have you, to promote business and development in “Greater Philadelphia,” which, keeping in line with the city -- and region’s -- perpetual state of misguidance, apparently is a place and not an aspiration.

It goes like this, if you can believe it: “Select Greater Philadelphia: The Place to Prosper.”

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, that smart, sprite, snappy, rolls-right-off-your-tongue slogan will be the center of “a $16[-]million, four-year branding effort designed to bring businesses to the region.”
All I can say is that over in the eastern reaches of the Commonwealth, they're just a little slow. Here in Pittsburgh for the last six monhts we don't just have a slogan, we have a core theme:
Accomplishment through connected individuality -- linking vital individuals, vital communities and vital resources.
and we have a brand promise
We will connect you to the people, resources and communities you need to accomplish your goals.
But whatever we do, we aren't supposed to call it a "slogan".