Monday, November 24, 2003

On Again, Off Again

The French Grand Prix has been saved for 2005 and beyond, and will "take a break" in 2004. I still think that the teams were beinding Bernie Ecclestone's ears about the strain on personnel that would result from having four races in five weeks on two continents. This saves them that for next year, and in 2005 the FIA will have a chance to rework the schedule to avoid such problems.

This also drops the total number of races next year to seventeen, which is rumored to be the total mandated by the Concorde agreement (the governing document of Formula 1). It still isn't clear how the FIA is going to continue to add new venues and not drop any existing ones. This year Bahrain and China are both hosting their inaugural Grands Prix, and the last few years have seen the (re-)additions of the United States and Malaysia.

The obvious solution would be to consider dropping one of the two races that Italy and Germany each have, but the FIA and Ferrari have a special relationship, and BMW and Mercedes are both wielding a lot of power at the moment, so I suppose that it will be somewhere like Hungary that gets the chop next.