Friday, December 05, 2003

Missing the Bandwagon

Pete started it, and Chuck fueled it, and now everybody (well, a few people anyway) are making lists of their personal worst movies. But my problem is that by Pete's restrictive rules, I find it hard to come up with an example of a bad movie. The thing is that I lost the movie habit big time in grad school, when I was too busy and too poor to go to the movies very often[1]. If a bad movie is on TV or video, I generally walk away from it to reclaim some of my life, and under Pete's rules I can't list a movie like that. So my list is short, although perhaps as I look at other people's lists, I'll dredge up some long-suppressed memories

  • Eraser I saw this one at Trinity. It not only has bad science, it has bad science for no good reason -- no plot developments or anything. That bugs me.
  • Driven Given my proclivities, I had to see this. I even had to buy the DVD in an attempt to convince Hollywood to either make a decent racing movie or to finally release Grand Prix on DVD. Although IMDB now has an Amazon link to the DVD, they still have it listed as Not Yet Released with no anticipated release date.
  • Angels and Insects I think I saw this one at the same party as Chuck. However I saw it through my eyelids. But I was in front of the TV for the entire thing, so I'm going to count it.

At the moment, that's it. I'm going to keep thinking about it, however.

[1] I did go to see Schindler's List at my local movie theater in Wilmette. I wasn't motivated by high art as much as by the need to get as much air conditioned time as possible for my entertainment dollar.