Monday, December 15, 2003

Spider Holes

No point in mentioning Hussein's capture, everyone's done that. (D'oh, now I have too).

However, this morning we took the dogs to the vet so that they could get their health certificates in preparation for a little international holiday travel. I saw more morning television news in the waiting room than I see most months. In particular, I watched one reporter climbing out of the "spider hole" and walking through some woods, showing the farm where Hussein was captured. They then cut back to the anchor desk, where the talking heads rhapsodized for several tens of seconds about how amazing it was to see their reporter getting access to the hideaway.

Perhaps it's just cynical of me, but as soon as I saw that footage, I had this image of a long line of reporters and their camera operators standing just out of shot, all waiting their turn to climb into the hole so the folks back home could see them on top of the situation. I certainly failed to find anything astounding that this footage is being pushed only 24 hours after the news broke.

Oh, and since you asked (or not) the dogs are both fine. The vet was impressed with how well Markov is walking after her little flying incident back in July, and they are certified free of "Zoonotic diseases and Rabies". Now the next challenge is going to be 10 hours in a car with children and dogs.