Wednesday, December 10, 2003

The Word of the Lord?

At about the same time that the media ignores the conviction of Christian terrorist Clayton Waagner, South Knox Bubba and TBogg point out one of the sources of the ignorance that fuels the movement. Some might call it parody, some might call it child abuse. Others might even ponder the irony that this seems more extreme than Landover Baptist Church, but they are calling for that web site to be shut down. I'm torn in trying to identify my favorite part of the site. Is it

  • The comments on atheists ("Grumpy and bitter")
  • Hopsiah the Kanga-Jew
  • Professor Giraffenstein answers your science questions (with links!)
  • Or Ruby, the chaste lioness, who will marry our hero if only we know our old testament spouses

The competition is pretty fierce, but I gotta go with Ruby. While the scientific ravings of ol' Doc G. are amusing, the sheer irrelevance of Ruby's quest is mind boggling.