Friday, January 02, 2004

Back Home Again in Pennsylvania

So that Orange Alert thingy was no big deal in the Thousand Islands in upstate New York. Actually, it may just have been that I bore a remarkable resemblance to Chevy Chase in Vacation, but we sailed through the border with no problem. We did see cars in front of us getting at least a desultory look in the trunk, and having to chat to the border agent for a while. But apparently driving up with a station wagon containing two adults, two young children (4 and 1.5) and two large (~60 lb) dogs in the cargo area, plus a roof shell, made us look very unlike terrorists. Anyway, we only had to have our passports flicked through, and then we were waved back into the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Note for future travel: young children are very hard to entertain in the back seat once it gets dark. Consequently no winter driving stint should be longer than about eight hours. Twelve hours is way too much, although the alternative (staying a dog-friendly motel on the way north) was pretty bad too.