Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The Big Dog Comes Out to Play

Ferrari unveiled the F2004 yesterday. It bears a truly astonishing similarity to the F2003-GA! Truly astonishing. In fact it almost looks as if they only changed those things that were mandated by the new regulations -- engine cover height and rear wing endplate size. Oh, and the Vodaphone logo is a little different!

In the face of the siginificant changes that Williams has made, this effort by Ferrari looks a little half-hearted. On the other hand, they did win both championships last year, so perhaps they do only need to evolve the car design slightly instead of revolutionizing it. The success that the Williams has been having in preseason testing, however, suggests that Ferrari may need to re-examine the evolutionary approach by the time the series gets back to Europe, at Imola (the fifth race this year). In fact, they are already hinitng that even by Melbourne there may be some significant changes to the car, which makes the whole unveiling a little silly, really.