Thursday, January 08, 2004

Comparing Ideas

This week in Time Magazine, Michael Kinsley points out that the "Starve the Beast" theory of government spending control is wrong both mathematically and psycholgically. He makes some good points, too, espcially that the added interest burden of increased deficits if tax aren't matched dollar-for-dollar by spending cuts more than kills any hope that cutting taxes will force spending cuts and reduce the deficit.

Shortly after that I was walking the dogs and listening to yesterday's Marketplace (I have a "Radio TiVo" for this very purpose) they mentioned that the gross underfunding of "No Child Left Behind" was causing the State of Utah, among others, to strongly consider forgoing all federal education funds rather than try to comply with the ruling. This story touches on the same issue from a more local perspective (Marketplace doesn't seem to have individual story links). Although this may look on the surface as if Starving the Beast has succeeded in possibly reducing costs to the Federal Government, it seems that the cost to society is starting to look astronomical.