Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Enough Politics, Already

It may be the start of the political season, but racing starts again for most major series in the next couple of months. Towards that end, Jaguar and Toyota have unveiled their challengers for next season.

Not too surprisingly the Toyota bears a strong resemblance to last year's Ferrari. Not only was that car the winner of both the Driver's and the Constructor's championships, but Toyota are busy defending an industrional espionage case in which they are are accused of stealing plans and drawings from Ferrari. It looks like the Jaguar (That's Jag-yoo-ar, not Jag-wahr) designers had some similar ideas to Williams, but didn't want to go quite as far as they did. The fork holding the front wing is noticeably more split than that of the Toyota, however, and if the Williams is successful, we easily may see the split grow as the season progresses.