Tuesday, January 20, 2004

No One EM Forster Comment Here

After all, it really is premature to start making comments about "Howard's End" after only one campaign event, which is really small-d democratic in the loosest sense of the word.

I am happy to see the Johns do well, however. Despite the lack of evidence here, I have long thought that Kerry is the best suited of the democratic contenders to be President. That doesn't mean he is the best man to beat Bush -- after he does look French (!?!?!?). In the meantime, I have already seen comments that Teresa Heinz looked disturbed on the platform with him. Is this the continuation of a new RNC spin point -- "Democratic candidates can't even get the support of their wives!"?

I'e not seen a lot of Edwards, but he has come across well on his two appearances on "The Daily Show". It's not much to base an opinion on, but he's talking a good line and apparently declining to attack his opponents. OF course, he was largely inconsequential up until yesterday, and it's much easier not to attack when you aren't being attacked yourself We'll see how he responds to the increased attention in New Hampshire, and particularly South Carolina in the next couple of weeks.