Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Political Predictions

I was absolutely correct, I didn't see a single minute of the SOTU address. Also, WDUQ has not yet fixed their antenna, so our reception of NPR is limited to the realaudio stream, which was unreliable this morning. So I have only the short bits in the newspaper and some online stuff to look at. I have statyed away from the Free Republic and other rabid sites, but the overall impression that I get from both sides of the aisle is that the speech was short, disjointed, and uninspiring. This is with the possible exception of the religious right who had a lot of stuff aimed at them.

I do wonder if the lack of any mention of NASA or Mars indicated that a section of the speech was pulled after the trial balloon was shot down last week. So far my favorite comment came from Red Ted (who has just earned a spot on my blogroll):

Bush is very good at proposing grandiose schemes, terrible at explaining, justifying, or funding them.