Tuesday, January 20, 2004

State of the Union Preview

Everybody's got a State of the Union prediction. South Knox Bubba is even proposing a replacement for the traditional drinking game. But here's my prediction: I won't watch it, or listen to it, or even pay attention to it. If any really striking new proposals come out of it, I'll probably read about them, or hear them on the radio tomorrow morning (assuming that WDUQ has its antenna working again). By 9:00, however, we have generally just put the boys to bed and are ready to settle down and enjoy what's left of the evening. George W. Bush and enjoyment just don't belong in the same sentence in my book.

So despite the total lack of civic virtue that I will be demonstrating, I'm probably going to be doing a crossword puzzle, watching something off the TiVo, or playing a game with my wife come 9:00 tonight.