Thursday, January 29, 2004

Toy from Time

Viia the BoiFromTroi, I found this cute tool apparently related to Time Magazine to help you confirm what you already know -- who should your candidate be.

After whipping through the questions, and leaving my party selection blank (after my answers, it was pretty moot anyway!) I came up with the following list:

CandidatePercent Agreement

I am a little worried that I have a 6% agrement with the miserable failure, but am otherwise glad to see that all of the remaining democrats score well up there, and that Kerry is my highest placed candidate-with-a-chance. I'm a little surprised that Edwards was so low -- I strongly agree with him on the wrongheadedness of tort reform, so I must be differing with him elsewhere.

The layout in this post is odd in Blogger's preview pane. For some reason it doesn't seem to like html tables. Perhaps I'll look into reformatting it later... Fixed it. Apparently tables don't like forced page breaks in them, even if it makes them easier to create and edit.