Monday, February 09, 2004

Encouraging Signs

It's probably too early to be hopeful about November, but as I listened to the election coverage on NPR over the last week, I couldnt' help but feel faint stirrings of optimism in my gut. Over and over again in the coverage of the elections the person-on-the-street interviews expressed an overwhelming desire to defeat Bush by any means necessary. Since these are, in theory, partisan Democrats speaking, that in itself wouldn't be much of a story. When it is attached to the fact that turnout in the primaries and caucuses is much heavier than expected, I can't help but hope that the President's negative ratings are strong enough to drive a heavy turnout in November for whomever the Democratic nominee is. Of course, that could all be negated by an October Surprise. (That's my pathetic attempt at pre-emptive googlebombing).

In the meantime, I have long thought that Kerry would make the President of the Democratic nominees. I have not been so sure that he would make the best candidate. However, with electability apparently being the biggest issue on primary voters' minds, and Kerry sweeping the field the way that he is, I am willing to concede on the second opinion and hold fast on the first.