Friday, February 13, 2004

Friday Fiddling

Once again I have had the chance to play with Blogger's template editing features, and once again I understand why people who do this sort of thing a lot switch to another system (say, Movable Type). In an attempt to get around the teeny-tiny window that Blogger gives you to edit the template it, I cut'n'pasted to a text editor on my system, made some changes and cut'n'pasted back again. Two hours later, I think I've sorted out the mess caused by flying line breaks and mysteriously disappearing characters.

Anyway, I've recategorized my sidebar to better reflect my blogscanning. The Pittsburgh section is my attempt to start to emulate the Rocky Top Brigade of Tennessee. So far these are the 'Burgh blogs that I've found, but I'd like to hear about any others. Friends are people who I knew (or at least met) in the flesh before I started blogging. I figure that since these are sites I hit pretty regularly to find out what's up with them, I'd like to keep them distinct and accessible. The Blogroll is what's left, aimed mainly at sites I visit at least once a week. I also re-ordered it alphabetically since a number of the more prolific sites (e.g., Eschaton) don't seem to ping anyway, so they never move around in the recent update order.

Hey, it's a slow day!