Monday, February 23, 2004

Notes on Rockingham

NASCAR went to Rockingham, North Carolina, this weekend. As expected, they had to struggle mightily to fill out the field. In the end, the two cars who started last dropped out on laps 1 and 19 for being uncompetitive, but were paid about $54,000 each for showing up. Nice work if you can get it!

Once again, we saw a car flipping down the backstretch, this time on a much lower speed race track. Although it makes for multiply-viewed highlight reels and lots of exposure on the eleven o'clock news, it really isn't good for the sport to lose cars like that. In this case it was one of the field-fillers who wrecked his only car. I guess he won't be showing up to more races any time soon. If this happens again soon, I expect that NASCAR will probably have to take some kind of action in the interests of driver safety.

The TV coverage was amateurishly bad. I can only suppose that Fox has changed directors since their last race in July, or are a little rusty, or something. They managed to cut to commercials during green flag pit stops and seemed to be reveling in pointless information on the grahics that did nothing but fill up the screen and obscure the race. More about useful information and information presentation once I've worked up a good head of steam on the matter.