Thursday, February 26, 2004

Perle of Great Price

Apparently Richard Perle was starting to cost the administration too much goodwill. Having called in recent weeks for the resignation of George Tenet, Colin Powell and DIA head Admiral Lowell Jacoby, he quietly turned in his resignation letter from the Defense Policy Board a week ago. The letter apparently indicates that he doesn't want to become an issue during the President's reelection campaign.

"We are now approaching a long presidential election campaign, in the course of which issues on which I have strong views will be widely discussed and debated," Perle wrote. "I would not wish those views to be attributed to you or the president at any time, and especially not during a presidential campaign."

The implications of this for Iraq policy in the next few months are fascinating. In particular, dumping one of the architects of the "New American Century" may indicate a softening on the US stance regarding multi-lateralism and the United Nations.