Monday, February 16, 2004

Release the Hounds

This just in. Ruth Ann Dailey, one of the weird neighborhood columnists for the Post-Gazette, has started attacking Teresa Heinz Kerry as someone unfit to be First Lady. Why? Well, apparently she has yet to forgive Rick Santorum (R - PA) for saying unspeakable things about her late husband, John Heinz (also R - PA). So here we go:

But her record warns us that she'll be more of a character than she will display character. Her lack of graciousness in local politics is particularly startling since it comes from someone to whom the fates have been so generous.

Oh, and for good measure Heinz-Kerry has an inflated sense of her own importance:

To see this in action again, consider Heinz Kerry's decision to change her political affiliation. When she officially became a Democrat last year, a spokesman said Heinz Kerry had "felt for a long time the Republican Party is leaving her."

The 150-year-old party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan is abandoning the dictates of an heiress's conscience?

I'm not entirely convinced that Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt would recognize today's GOP, and <CheapShot> I'm pretty sure that Ronald Reagan doesn't recognize anything at the moment </CheapShot>.