Friday, March 05, 2004

NASCAR notes

After a week off NASCAR is going to be back in action in Las Vegas this weekend. At the moment they are listing 44 cars entered in the race. Since the whole field is 43 cars, that only leaves one driver who might go home. In the last few days, however, the entry list has dropped from 48 to 44, so it is quite possible that there will be one more drop out before qualifying starts. In the meantime, it looks as if there are perhaps four or five cars on the entry list that are unlikely to make it past the 20 lap mark -- either they will drop out early and just collect the last place money, or they will fail to maintain sufficient speed on the track and be black-flagged.

I think that the TV contract requires a full field for each race, but it doesn't seem to me that NASCAR is doing itself many favors padding the field with these no-hopers. On the other hand, Formula One has Minardi, so I guess the moving chicane is a racing tradition!