Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Second Test

Now I just need to see if this works on multi-post days, although those seem to be few and far between for me these days.

Short Test

I'm doing a quick test of some changes in my Atom feed & blog item format. As I have switched to monitoring the blogs I read using a news aggregator rather than direct access, I have found that I really prefer feeds that include the full text of the article. It saves program switching and reloading of the same information. I understand that advertising-supported blogs need to get eyeballs and I don't begrudge them that need. But if you don't make money from ads, why would you insist on people getting the full story only from your site? Are you that fond of your formatting? (OK, that's a petty point, but I want to make this post long enough to smash through the blogger atom short feed length)

I also want another paragraph to see how that comes out, and I have added a formal title field in the hope that that will also help make my feed articles more legible.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I've mostly got a day off from moving preparations today. The floor refinishers are in the house sanding away, and I don't really want to be there at the same time.

In the last three weeks, I've painted 8 rooms (primer & two coats of color), disassembled a bathroom, ripped up carpet, tracked down (but not fixed) a leaky shower, taken a bunch of stuff off the walls, and hosted many contractors & vendors. And this is on a house that would be considered in "move-in" condition! Perhaps we shouldn't have allowed a couple of months between closing and moving &emdash we could have done less. But there was no way I could sleep in a fuchsia bedroom.

Today I am meant to be moving boxes and small pieces of furniture over, but it is rainingsnowing(!) (well, maybe sleeting) and I don't want to go out in it.

I did get out and vote in today's primary, however. By lunchtme I was the 34th Democrat to vote, and 105 Republicans had voted by then. This is partly because I live in the Republican heart of Allegheny county, but I suspect it is also because the only interesting race on the ballot this year is the Toomey/Specter contest over on the GOP side. Now, I might be like Atrios and support Toomey as more beatable, except that that theory didn't work with Bush or, more locally, with Santorum. And it looks like Toomey would be a disaster if he actually got to the Senate.

Perhaps I'll bundle a few weeks of racing news in a different post...