Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Short Update

We have moved into the new house, actually we moved nearly two weeks ago. Despite my best efforts, I find that I am still busy painting rooms &mdash in this case at least it is a very small room. We also have had all of the floors finished, so we can walk everywhere in the house, the huge pine trees too close to the house have been removed, 80% of the boxes are unpacked, the new kitchen island has been installed (although the counter top hasn't) and things seem to be moving toward completion.

This whole process has been remarkably different from the last time we bought a house. Then we bought direct from the builder and moved in. This time I found myself astonished at how much time and expense are involved in addressing minor issues of deferred maintenance. But I think we are on track for our planned housewarming party on May 29. Now if the rain would just stop long enough for me to get up a ladder and clean out the gutters...

Update: The rain held off, and I took 1 1/2 black garbage bags full of pseudo-compost out of the gutters. Perhaps now water will actually reach the downspouts!