Monday, June 14, 2004

Mid-Season Update

I've not felt much urge to blog about Formula One over the first half of the season. Perhaps it is a reasult of Michael Schumacher's winning seven of eight races so far, and almost having locked up the championship for himself and Ferrari already. The new rules were meant to try and reduce the chances of such a runaway result, but the astonishing way in which Ferrari have gelled as a team is making a mockery of all of the attempts by the FIA to put the brakes on.

It also seems depressing that both the four-(and-a-half!)-year-old and the two-year-old have turned into Schumacher fans. It is at moments like this that I wonder how I have failed as a parent. The challenge of pretending to be happy at another Ferrari victory is stretching my acting ability to the limit!

NASCAR are still racing a lot. The effects of their rule change to tighten up the championship won't be felt for a couple of months yet, but it already looks like Earnhardt Jr and Johnson won't be happy with the result. In the meantime, the confusion that NASCAR are generating with their latest poorly-thought-out rules change doesn't bode well for the end of the season.

CART. I dunno what's going on. I've tried to watch a couple of races, but the SpikeTV coverage is so awful I've pretty much given up. I was going to try and make the race at Mid-Ohio this year in person, but they apparently decided not to have a race there this year. The other close race is Cleveland, but airport races are rather flat and interesting. Also, a night-time race is really not very child-friendly, and I got the strong impression that Mid-Ohio would have been an extremely good venue for entertaining children. Oh, and I guess the IRL has a race season too, this year. Open wheel racing in the US really needs to sort itself out soon, or it is just going to follow the NHL into oblivion.