Friday, July 30, 2004

Life Update

It took a while -- almost eleven months to the day -- but I will once again be gainfully employed as of Monday. Woohooo!, as my children are wont to say. I got the job offer last Monday, and after accepting it immediately found that my to-do list of little jobs around the house had become extremely long. Replacing taps (and, it turned out, drainpipes), hanging towel rails, putting up closet doors, mowing the lawn, all sorts of things. OK, I haven't mowed the lawn yet...

I think the hardest hit family members will be the dogs. I've been staying home all day since October 2002, and they are kind of used to it. They'll work it out somehow, though. Anyway, my extremely intermittent blogging will probably become even more so over the next few weeks as I adjust to spending most of my waking hours outside the house.