Friday, July 16, 2004

Purple People

Slate's Red/Blue quiz is working today. After my initial try on it, I ended up well into the pinks, which I like to think is just an indication that trivia is a questionable way of determining political associations. Kevin Drum seems to think the same.

It seems that a great deal of my redness came from living in Chicago for 5 years (Door County, WS; Quad-cities; etc.) and a bit more from living in Texas for 7 years (or 11 depending how you count). It's probably a reflection of Slate's audience, but the choice of questions seems to me to be more aimed at convincing blue people of their redness than vice-versa.

On a purely technical note, however, the format of the quiz is one of the better ones I've seen online. I give them kudoes for that, and hope that the format is sufficiently public that the continuous stream of "personality" quizzes (which Asimovian Robot Are you? -- Tyrone Power[1]) will be able to adopt it.

[1] If you have to ask, don't bother.