Thursday, September 02, 2004


Between starting a new job, 2 weeks of televised sports (yeah TiVo & digital cable), and a very short vacation, I have apparently abandoned this forum for over a month.

Now our family schedule has settled out, and I thought I'd dip my toes back into the blog with a few random observations. Since I am listening to Bush's convention speech right now, they may be angry observations, but he seems mostly laughable and confused. I mean, really, should you diss somebody for touting Hollywood when one of your leadoff speakers was Arnold Whatsisname?

Hmmm. It looks like security just dragged one of the Bush twins out, but it might have been someone else. The dark haired one -- NotJenna -- but I digress.

They said on the radio the other day that the last time Pittsburgh saw 90 degrees was before in September 2002, before I moved here. This has a lot to do with why we left Texas.

I was driving home this evening, on a reasonably fast road, and was behind a car with a distinct "W" sticker on it. It was only just before I turned off that I got close enough to see that the W had a red circle and slash. You gotta be careful about the messages you can send.

Call it the yard sign poll. So far, in my verrry Republican part of the North Hills, I have seen two houses with Kerry/Edwards signs and no houses with Bush/Cheney signs. I don't know what this means, but I'll try to keep my count current. I did see a few Mike Turzai signs -- our state house rep who is running unopposed on the GOP ticket.

There is apparently one HOV lane in Pennsylvania. It runs from my house (well, near enough) to downtown Pittsburgh. But it's usage has dropped 20% since it was opened a decade ago, while traffic on that road has increased 20%. That can't be good.

I watched the Daily Show Bush Video last night and the RNC one tonight. I think the RNC may have been funnier, albeit unintentionally.

More to come...