Saturday, November 13, 2004

I'm Alive

OK, so since I'm not ancient, perhpas I'm alive isn't too surprising. But a little over two months between postings is a little excessive.

Put it down to employment, health issues, and a general malaise.

So, employment is good, but time-consuming. Given that I feel awkward about blogging from the office, I would have to blog from home. But two young children, two middle-aged dogs, and a house to take care of, somehow the hometime doesn't seem to allow much activity. (Right now, it's 11:15 on a Saturday night, and everyone else (incudling the doge) has gone to bed. Can' do that during the week).

Health. Hmm, after five days of hospitalization, the conclusion is that I have issues that can be pretty much entirely treated by drugs. That's a good thing... But still, I've burned something like a year's worth of sick leave and vacation dealing with these issues, with more to come. That's not such a good thing, but a necessary side effect (I suppose) of employment (which is still definitely a good thing).

General malaise? Well, the November election caused that. Let me be clar about this. George W. Bush inspired me to get off my arse and get naturalized. After living under him as four years as Governor (I moved to Austin in 1996) I couldn't understand how anyone could vote for him for president. So I became an American (entirely legally, I had had a Green card since 1977) explicitly to vote for his opponent in this election. It worked -- PA went for Kerry.

I still don't understand, however, what the possible appeal of this man can be. I lived in Texas, and I knew a number of people like him. Most of them were ruuning marginal businesses, verging on the edge of bankruptcy, and not entirely understanding why. How did this man manage to convince people to let him dirve a major country to the edge of bankruptcy and not understand why?

Too many understands in the last paragraph, but I'll let it go. Otherwise, Pittsburgh is still a financial mess, but a great city to live near.

Blogging-wise, I think I'll step away from politics from now on and stick to racing and family issues. I can't say way, but somehow the blogs I read in my new time-constrained state have a lot more personal content, even if I don't know the authors, and a lot less political content.

Oh, and on a final note, I really hope that the "Seed of Chucky" isn't called Olivia, because that would scare me. Really scare me. Perhaps a couple of people who read this (and I assume that such people would have an RSS aggregator) would understand why. I remember the postcards at the wedding...